Packet Tracer - Observe STP Topology Changes

In this activity, you will observe how STP operates, by default, and how it reacts when faults occur. Switches have been added to the network “out of the box”. Cisco switches can be connected to a network without any additional action required by the network administrator. For the purpose of this activity, the bridge priority was modified.

Lab - Observe STP Topology Changes and Implement RSTP

The potential effect of a loop in the Layer 2 network is significant. Layer 2 loops could impact connected hosts as well as the network equipment. Layer 2 loops can be prevented by following good design practices and careful implementation of the Spanning Tree Protocol. In this lab, you will observe the operation of spanning tree protocols to protect the Layer 2 network from loops and topology disruptions. The terms "switch" and "bridge" will be used interchangeably throughout the lab.